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Myriapora truncata: false coral

False Coral: Myriapora truncata

No coral in the Mediterranean they said, but then you see this everywhere…. but dammit – it is a ‘fake’  🙁  called Myriapora truncata. Not to worry, it still looks interesting, especially if you have the benefit of a macro lens for your underwater camera. This Bryozoan resembles red coral, being of similar size and colour. […]

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A Typical Day Diving on Gozo

It is one of the best destinations in Europe, but what can you expect from a typical day diving on Gozo? Here, Dived Up’s Alex Gibson gives his take on this laid-back location. Pre-dive 7.30 am – Get up. 8 am – Breakfast: Pop to a local cafe and enjoy a pastizz (a small flaky […]

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