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  • Sample page from Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island
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Paul Colley

Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island: Guide to a Marine Life Paradise


The first detailed diving and snorkelling guide to Ascension Island.


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Ascension Island is a remote and unique location with caves, tunnels, lava flows, wrecks and rich marine life. This, the first detailed diving and snorkelling guide to the island is both an excellent aid to planning dives and the perfect memento of Ascension. With detailed descriptions and rich imagery this travel-size guide is a must-have for any diver visiting Ascension.

This well-designed book helps divers and dive organisers to plan ahead. The contents list includes a rating system which shows the difficulty of dives and the kind of marine life you can expect to see. Individual dive pages go into more detail, with GPS coordinates, depth range, ‘must see’ items, lists of marine life creatures and important safety considerations. There is a map, recommended route and practical advice for each of the twenty-one dive sites.

  • Illustrated throughout by the award-winning author’s underwater photography.
  • The perfect preparation for diving and snorkelling in Ascension.
  • Includes an Index of Ascension Island Common Marine Life.

Diving and Snorkelling Ascension Island also contains a section headed ‘Opportunities and Safety Considerations’. This is essential advice for those wishing to organise diving in a location so remote.

With a Foreword by leading underwater photographer Martin Edge.


“Written in a straightforward, practical style, while whetting the diver’s appetite too – rather like a good dive briefing”: DIVE magazine.

“…if you are planning a trip to this particular middle of nowhere, there is only one guide in town!”: Diver.

“This is the first time that anybody has published a detailed dive guide for the island and I know that plenty of people will benefit from it” Martin Edge (from the Foreword).

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About the author

Paul Colley is a diving instructor, INON UK underwater photography instructor, lifetime Vice-President of the Royal Air Force Sub-Aqua Association, a member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers and has won international underwater photography competitions to gold medal standard. He writes regularly for diving magazines, websites and his own blog.

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